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Gerald Raunig  in TONIGHT 🙂 SYNSMASKINEN at Rom8, same friday.

Friday, May 23, 13h, 2014 at KHiB, 4th floor, C.Sundtsgaten 53

Gerald Raunig is a philosopher and art theorist. He works at the Zürich University of the Arts, Zürich and the eipcp (European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies), Vienna. He is co-editor of the multilingual web journal Transversal and the Austrian journal for radical democratic cultural politics, Kulturrisse. Raunig has coordinated a number of transnational research projects connected to eipcp including Creating Worlds, which investigates the relationship between art production and knowledge production in the context of cognitive capitalism. His recent books include: A Thousand Machines: A Concise Philosophy of the Machine as Social Movement (2010); Art and Contemporary Critical Practice: Reinventing Institutional Critique (co-edited with Gene Ray) (2009); Art and Revolution: Transversal Activism in the Long Twentieth Century (2007); and Factories of Knowledge, Industries of Creativity (2013)

Gerald Raunig lives and works in Zürich.





ilyabildeTuesday 13. May. 2014 at 19:00 at HKS, Hordaland Art Centre, Klosteret 17, Nordnes, Bergen

Based on his own practice artist, curator and historian Ilya Budraitskis will look closer at how history is re-interpreted and actively used as a political tool in Russia today. This lecture is organised in collaboration with Hordaland Kunstsenter and follows the exhibition The Structure and Properties of Matter

From the beginning of Vladimir Putin’s third presidential term the question of ’values’ and references to the ‘our great past’ moved to the centre of the political language of Russian elite. The Soviet history has been an important source of this new ‘politics of value’, but the soviet legacy is much more complicated and meaningful than just a puppet in the hands of the new constructors of history. Somehow, contemporary art appeared at the front of a constructed battle between the patriotic ‘silent majority’ and the liberal ‘internal migrants’.

The extensive project Pedagogical Poem by Ilya Budraitskis, in collaboration with Arseny Zhilyaev, was an interdisciplinary project consisting of over 100 lectures and seminars throughout 2012 with international and Russian artists, historians and cultural theorists that culminated with the exhibition The Archive of the Future Museum of History at Presnya Historical Museum in Moscow. Budraitskis will present the project and the recently published book Pedagogical Poem – The Archive of the Future Museum of History (Marsilio Editori, 2014). With this project and his work at the State Museum of Contemporary History of Russia as a backdrop, he will examine the possible liberating role an old museum may have, based on the story of ‘the revolutionary memory’ from 1905 and 1917.

Ilya Budraitskis participates in the exhibition The Structure and Properties of Matter with the work The Grenelle Agreements. This video work is made by Learning Film Group, which Budraitskis is part of, and which takes as its starting point the historic agreement that was negotiated during the riots in France in 1968.

The exhibition The Structure and Properties of Matter, curated by Frans Jacobi and Åse Løvgren, investigates different approaches to historic legacy, as conveyed through the media, materials, stories, fantasies and dreams. It is part of the discussion of how history is conveyed, interpreted and used as in our understanding of the world, but also as a political tool to describe conflicts, contradictions and how policies are formulated.

The lecture will be in English.

Ilya Budraitskis (1981) is an artist, theorist and historian. Since 2010 he has been on the editorial board of Moscow Art Magazine. Since 2013 he is working in the National Center of Contemporary Art (Moscow). During 2012-2013 worked as scientific fellow in the State Central Museum for Contemporary History of Russia.

He was an editor and contributor (together with Ekaterina Degot and Marta Dzievanska) of a book Post-post-Soviet? Art, politics and society in Russia at the turn of the decade (Chicago University Press, 2013).

This lecture is presented in collaboration between Hordaland Kunstsenter,  Bergen Academy of Art and Design and is also supported by Nordland County Council.

The Grenelle Agreements, film by Learning Film Group